Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 9: Every Epic Story has a Great Start.

So my car is a little bit loud.

And a bit throaty.

But overall, it's okay. I use to have a much louder exhaust system and after a while I found that it was starting to give me a few headaches and especially Miss Wong. My exhaust was made by one of my favorite makers, Invidia, and it had a great sound at throttle. Unfortunately, the times it wasn't so good was...on the highway....and traffic jams. So pretty much where you spend the MOST time in your car.

My new system however, has quite a bit of grunt to it too, but I've chosen all the piping very specifically to make a harmonious sound that wouldn't cause too much ruckus at a drive through. The car is very pitchy at hard acceleration and under deceleration it makes a nice woosh of back pressure.

I thought about what impact the sounds had on people. Were people annoyed? impressed? distressed? or awakened?

A cars entire purpose is 100% mechanical and subjective. People choose what they value, spend their desired automobile budget and trade off some factors to increase some others. Price VS Luxury. Performance VS Economy. Space VS Agility. The list is forever continuous. But what do people truly value if they could have anything? Would they pick performance?

For me, I feel like that's what I would choose. If people pick cars as A->B, then we should all be driving the same car, or there should only be 3 makes in the world. A small car for a single person. A larger vehicle to fit a bigger family. And a very large vehicle for shuttling a massive amount of people.

Instead, we don't. We have thousands of car designs and people have bought all of them. There must be something more to it than just A->B. Something that stirs the sense once you hit the throttle or take that corner a teensy bit faster.

If you're not a car person. Driving makes you upset. Filling the tank makes you upset. Car maintenance makes you upset. And traffic jams, bad drivers and cramped spaces makes you extremely upset. But when you open up to a bigger world and look past the A->B, the Driving is freedom. Filling a tank means the start of a new adventure. Maintaining your car means more days spent enjoying the road. And the more you love your car, the more you'll enjoy sitting in the traffic jam. You'll be confined in what? something that was so specially designed, mapped out and debated by thinkers. A machine that you've saved so long and hard for. A sound that just a few generations ago, no one could ever enjoy.

I invite you next time when you're in a traffic jam to look around your car. It's more than just a hunk of metal. It may have been there on your first date. Maybe on your wedding day? Quite possibly on the way to the hospital for your first child. Probably the one you guys took to deliver your last.

I invite you to come into my world and experience a bit of noise:

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