Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 7: Racing Seat!

Busy day today, but finally got something set up I've been meaning to get for a long time.

I rarely ever play video games anymore and throughout University I rarely played a game that wasn't able to be finished. (e.g., multiplayer, mmorpg, etc). I'd normally try to finish a game in a short sprint that was mission based to prevent getting sucked in. But there was always 1 game that I could always play continuously. This game is Gran Turismo. 

I think I actually either lent it to Liam, or he went out and bought a copy after I suggested it to him.
Either way, Liam and several of my friends know I take my Gran Turismo very seriously.

I went pretty far to buying a racing wheel. I got pretty lucky on my first one and got a great price on it. I purchased a refurbished one and the one they sent was knackered. Obviously I complained and in return they sent me a brand new one. Hey, not a bad deal. Brand new racing wheel for 1/3 of the price.

After that, I had to start creating a set up. One of my favorite chairs of all time (and possibly yours) is the Ikea Poang. So comfortable and low slung, and a very reasonable price. I purchased one for my setup and also a laptop table to mount the wheel.

For a long time, this system worked great. I was able to race for hundreds and hundred of hours. Earlier this year, I started hitting the track and when I was off of it, I always wanted to get behind the wheel more. Of course, I resorted to Gran Turismo. But there was one MAJOR lacking factor. I think Liam would agree with me here too. My current setup lacked a manual transmission. It was purely paddleshift/automatic and after driving the manual on the track and feeling the ultimate control of my cars speed, ratio and gearing I definitely needed to add that to my gaming arsenal. I went out and purchased a Logitech G27 steering wheel which I painstakingly saved up all my Best Buy Rewards for (from my Best Buy Credit Card) and sold my old wheel to a friend.

I sprinted home and set it all up only to find that mounting the stick shift caused a major problem. Also because the newer wheel was much better, heavier and had another pedal it was harder to use my ghetto set up. Eventually all the troubles and the weird driving angle of my old setup started to bother me a lot more and since getting the new wheel my system has only been collecting dust. I probably have played the game for maybe 1000 hours combined the past few years, how could it end up like this?

Well today my friend who had a setup decided he would be getting rid of it. Me and him made a special deal in that he would provide his setup special made game racing seat...if I could give him a sweet discount on a REAL racing seat! Of course I complied and finally got my system set up. Here's the pictures below:

And of course, I have to provide a photo of his fancy new racing seat:

Bride Vios III in black featuring the Black Gradation print. Very nice, very secure and definitely will help him keep snug around the corners at Castrol. Overall I'd say it was a good trade and both parties are extremely happy.

Now to lose my entire weekend. YAYUH.

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