Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 11: Track Promo Day!

Today I spent my evening at the track trying to promote a lapping event on September 12th. Nothing really has come up in my mind, but here's the poster I made for it:

And here's a bunch of the club lined up today to go for a ride around Castrol to promote and garner interest for everyone to run a full lapday:

The price seems a bit steep at $295, but you get over 2.5 hours of seat time around the track. 
I'm one that's totally against street racing, so why would you race on the street. Risk a life. Risk safety. And you can't even go up to a very high speed or take a corner as fast as you want.

For $295, you pay a bit more than an average speeding ticket. But you get to go balls out as hard as you want. Next time you're in a room or out walking around, look around at everyone. People spend tens of thousands of dollars. Even hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars. And how many people do you think standing in front of you have spent that much, but haven't even come CLOSE to driving their car to its absolute limits?

What's the point of buying that shiny car if you aren't gonna open it up in a safe environment.

For that reason, I feel like its definitely a worth while experience. 

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