Thursday, September 19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

So another thing I obviously collect are Blu-Rays.

Some people think I collect Blu-Rays a lot. But in reality I buy about 4-5 a year. I only buy the movies I really like and I always try to seek out the exclusives or something extra fancy about each one.

Lately, it has been pretty dry on the "exclusives" part. Most of them are just special sleeves or extra content. I miss the days of extra's where you got a huge box, or a book. Figures. Busts. Anything cool really made it a lot nicer on my shelf.

Because of this dry spell, I've resorted to collecting a lot of Steel book / Iron Packs. These cases are great. I love how strong they are and the beautiful artwork on that shiny metal surface. I only own a few of these because before they were quite pricey.

I like how the artwork on the front and back is continuous. There's no logos, stickers or captions to get in the way of the scene. It's just a perfect still from the movie.

So I picked up Star Trek Into Darkness on release day, but have had it wrapped and in my car for a while with the anticipation of watching it. I decided to unwrap it today for you guys.

Next time you guys go pick up the newest release of a big title on Blu-Ray. I'd recommend running to future shop and grabbing the steel book. I think once you feel the nice cold case in your hands and see the great artwork, the few extra bucks will definitely add to it. It won't just be a plastic case with a few discs in it you bought from a bargain bin. It'll be a piece of art. Then you can thank me later.



  1. Cool. I finally saw this movie the other day - I thought it was great. It'll be interesting to see what J. J. Abrams does with the new Star Wars...

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty curious. I feel like it's in good hands with J.J. Abrams. I can rest a bit easier.

  2. I love JJ Abrams for Lost. But I haven't seen anything of his other than Lost and Super 8.

    1. Cat's pretty attached to Lost. I saw Super 8. It was okay, better than most movies but nothing mind blasting.