Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hot Wheels Elite 1/18: Steve McQueen's Ferraro 250 GT Lusso

So I missed 2 more days of posts because I had a pretty hectic weekend...again. And next weekend will be even more. But we are getting close to 30 days and I also want to present and continue the "Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari Week"

A few days ago I brought you guys the 599 GTO and said it was the best and most detailed Elite I owned. Sorry. I totally lied straight to your guys faces. This is definitely the gem of my Elite collection. I got this 2 years ago for my birthday from the special girlfriend and it has continued to make my jaw drop when I take it out.

It is 100% detailed through and through. I can't even explain EVERY detail or it'll start to be a ramble. So I'm just gonna try to target the non-obvious details. Pictures below:

First thing is the LIQUID paint. This is the nicest piant job of any car model i own. The clear coat is absolutely liquid smooth. You can see from some angles the car is like a very very shiny smooth rock.

Another huge detailing factor are the wheels. The wheel is made out of metal wires and photo-etched pieces. The hub or barrel of the rim is also a machined or moulded piece of metal. This makes this model one of the few models I have where the wheel rim is 100% real metal. No plastic, no paint. No nothing. Just solid polishing and assembly. Absolutely stunning wheel.

Another very detailed area is the rear. You can see the exhaust pipes are extrmeely accurate. There's chrome trimming on the bumper, around the lights and also above and below the license plates the buttons and knobs are molded very accurately. The Ferrari emblem also sits very nicely on the top of the trunk.

Trunk opens up very smoothly.

This model also has some EXTREMELY thin glass. Its not even glass. It's like flexible plastic, thinner than action figure blister packages. This is to get the window as crystal clear as possible and match the true thickness of the car's windows in scale. It provides for a great view into the extraordinary interior. Also all the windows have chrome and metal trimmings around.

The grill looks great the chrome surrounding the headlamps and bumper are amazing. There's also a very special kind of mesh used for the hood scoop which brings the front end together. The photo etched metal win shield wipers are also a very nice touch.

Interior looks awesome. Only complaint is that the steering wheel isn't "woody" enough for my tastes.

The last area of this non-stop detail is the engine bay. The engine bay is one of the nicest I own. The whole engine block and valve is all moulded straight through to the underside. The air box, horns and even all the pipes and wiring is all moulded. The carb is great and uses real metal mesh.

They even got the markings and insignia's photoetched and raised. It's a 100% exact replica of the metal tags in the real car.

And the last part that blows it out of the water is the underside detail. You can see not only is the engine made all the way through, but the radiator fan is there. The transmission, drive-shaft and rear diff is all moulded. The exhaust pipes beautifully lead from the engine to the rear of the car. All in seperate pieces, detail and colors. Extraordinary.

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