Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hot Wheels Elite 1/18: Ferrari 360 Spider

As I promised you guys yesterday, here it is. The Hot Wheels Elite 360 Spider.

This is one of my all time favourite Ferrari's. There's just something about it that looks elegant and curvy. The car was designed for beauty. Whenever I see one drive by on the road, it always catches me. I feel that a lot of today's cars are designed in a wind tunnel and for functionality. But this car, I'm sure a lot of it is functional. But I think a lot of it was just for looking great.

I normally stick to hard top super cars. I'm not a huge fan of soft tops. But I had the privilege when I was younger of sitting inside one of these when I ran into an owner on my bike and he let me sit in it after I surprised him with how much a 13 year old could know about a Ferrari.

I remembered almost every detail inside the interior and how all the stitching leather and trimming all came together and gave you such a great clean experience. It didn't look bland or boring for 1 second. I captured all of those details. Although by today's standards it's not as exciting for interior, at the time it made a permanent imprint in my head of what an "ideal" interior was. One that was centred around the driver and made you feel like you were going fast even though you were sitting still. That it was teasing you to put down the accelerator.

For this reason, I chose to wait for the Spider version to come out, so I can look straight into the interior and remember it as the first time I saw the car in person and which was the first time I sat in it.

Now for the model review. There's nothing very exciting about the model for an Elite. They put some nicer bits on it and it looks like there's nicer paint. But other than that, it's nothing above average.

I also own the "Foundation" version of this model, which is the non elite one. It really shows that the Elite version started out as a cheaper version and nicer bits were tacked on versus my newer elite models which were built straight out as being upper end models.

Onwards to pictures:

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