Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hectic Weekend / Sick

Hey Guys,
So I had a hectic weekend and was sick throughout. Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I slept in pretty late due to being under the weather and only had time to scramble to get ready for the wedding last night. I got home pretty late and was too tired to remember to post. But overall, my weekend was enjoyable besides being ultra sick.

But one of the highlights was my cousins wedding. Here it is in 3 mins I made with my GoPro. It was a gorgeous wedding that took place at Fort Edmonton Park:

Today I continued to be pretty sick, but the nice weather convinced me that if I went out and got some sun I'd feel better. I decided to roll out to Hawrelak Park for the Summer is not yet over car meet. I spent a few hours in the sun talking to friends and catching up with people I haven't seen for a while while also seeing their projects and new mods. I also met a ton of new people who had some very interesting cars.


  1. Hope the sun did you some good. Now get back to the models.

  2. What's this? Warm family moments?! Where are the toys!!