Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tamiya TT-01 86 With Upgraded Motor

So last week I showed you guys a post of my replica-of-my-real-car rc car. It was already pretty quick, but because I was running the motor so much it started dying off and seemed to be running a bit slower.

The result was that I needed an upgrade. I showed you guys the part here and took me some time to take it apart and install the new motor with the heatsink/fan and new fan combo. I also put in ball bearings and an aluminium drive shaft.

I told you guys I would try to use my GoPro and I never tried using it in the dark, so I took it out today and gave it a shot. Unfortunately, it doesn't look that crisp in the dark, but it does give you a good idea of the speed the new motor gives me:

Pretty speedy eh?

Modding RC Cars is way cheaper than modding a real car. And no gas to burn. Woo hoo.


  1. I wanted an RC car when I was younger. My brother had a monster-van called the Lunch Box when we were kids. He used to take that thing over jumps and everything. I was very jealous.