Monday, August 26, 2013

Maisto 1/18 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG Hard Top

Hey hey. Back for another car review. I was out all day yesterday biking so I got home pretty late and missed it. But have no fear. I will make it up for you guys very soon. Unfortunately my camera ran out of batts so it's currently juicing up.

Last post was the $15 Bentley. A small price to pay for a piece of "luxury." Today, I continue this trend with the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG Hard Top. I'll save you guys some time from surfing Mercedes AMG's Canadian site. MSRP: $159,000. This was the second model I picked up that day, for the price of $15. Pretty good deal.

I already own quite a few Benz Models in my "garage" which include the CLK-GTR, an SLS AMG and a Mclaren SLR. All in silver, because at that time I felt that any Merc should be in it's trademark silver. The "Silver Arrow" of the automotive world. But over time, I've become quite bored of the silver and I don't really notice Merc's on the road unless they look extremely aggressive, or a very distinct colour (which also means they may be very aggressive, since certain colours are only offered on "aggressive" models). So when I saw this in that bright metallic blue, it definitely popped out and I wanted to add it to my collection. I was already running out of room in the Merc area, but I knew this one would sit well and I don't own any other blue models. Onwards to the review:

So I've given you the complete pictures of the car and right away you can see certain parts of the car are pretty distinct. The front is pretty bad ass, but as of late the new styling the Merc's are taking make every car look that way. What really popped for me was the rear of the car. The rhomboid shaped exhaust pipes look crazy and that carbon trimmed spoiler aids all the vents in the front of the car to let you know something is going down.

Close ups of that rear end...if you know what I mean.

First one shows off the carbon patterned spoiler. Looks like it's painted carbon, so you can convince your friends that you're so ballin you paint carbon fiber. 

Quad exhaust pipe has great details to prevent civics from racing you:

Here's a shot of the trunk to prove you're not a drug dealer when you drive this car:

The wheels are pretty well done also. They put in a good effort with painting the brake callipers and detailing the inner hub of the brakes. But I know for a fact that they borrowed this set up off their previous SLS AMG model they made:

One with flash, because I can't focus worth shit:

There's a lot going on in the front of this model. Everything from the chrome emblems and grills, ot the clear tail lamps, the silver clear accents for fog lamps and the silver trimmed lower lip. It's all
made very accurately and a lot of attention was put towards keeping all these bits legit.

Once again, the worse part of these cheap models is the engine. Just garbage. Single piece of pressed plastic.

Another thing I hated on the model besides the engine is how wide the doors open. You guys can't see from the pics, but it's pathetic. If the car door actually opened only that wide, I'd never get my ass into this car. Didn't seem like they put an effort into increasing the range of the door opening on the scaled version.

One thing that did surprise me was the detail in the interior. You can see all the steering wheels, carbon trim and even the stamp on the buttons. These dashes are freakin tiny, and there's details I couldn't see until I took these pics.

I encourage you to blow up these pics. The silver trim on the dash, vents and steering wheel are painted with great detail. Nice perforations on the pedals and the seats. You can also see the carbon trim on the dash and in the center console.

That's all I got for you guys. Pretty good for $15. Last time I spent 15 bucks I drank a pop and ate greasy chow mein.


  1. The flash really brought out the details in the wheel. It also looks like a different colour on the rims. Which picture has the more accurate colour?

    My mom loved Mercedes Benz. This car might have been a little too sporty for her but maybe not.

    1. I think the first one had a lot more accurate colors. That's a pretty intense flash.

      Seems like a lot of ladies like Merc's back in the day. My mom likes Benzes a lot too. i think it's the only kind of cars she actually recognizes on the street.

  2. I used to do models when I was a kid. Then I lost my patience for...well, anything really.

    You're making me consider going and picking one up, but it would inevitably end in thrown components and rage and part of me glued to something.

    1. I know that feel.

      I have SO many unfinished model kits. Maybe close to 40. And all of them are partially done. Some of them 5%. Some of them even as close as 95% finished. I just haven't gotten around to them. I always tell myself one day when i have my own place and free time I'll do it. But we'll never know...