Thursday, August 22, 2013

AUTOart 1/18 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Introducing the newest flagship of my car model obsession: the Lamborghini Aventador model by AUTOart in Bianco Isis. I was an idiot and held off from picking this one up for quite a while. Eventually all of the white sold out since they were produced in limited quantities and secondary markets were commanding prices around $300. Luckily, a store I normally order from had someone cancel and they contacted me. Would you like the car model you've been waiting for over a year for in the color you wanted without any price hikes? Hell yeah. Within in a few days it arrived on my doorstep in all it's glory. This is one of the best Lamborghini models put out by AUTOart being composed of 327 INDIVIDUAL METAL AND PLASTIC parts. Mine happens to be #1324/5000.

If I had to pick any car company that's caught my attention the most in my lifetime, has to be Lamborghini's. I have always been obsessed with the Countach's, the Diablo's and then the Murcielago's when they came out. When the Aventador was released as a replacement, I was absolutely floored. The new Lamborghini power plant definitely was giving the brand the new potential flagship engine that would put it in the forefront of modern hyper cars and since its release has definitely proven that. My dream car was immediately switched from the Murcielago to the Aventador and this was a model I had to grab. Onwards to the pics:

(I also found out that smaller objects are very hard to capture with an SLR. Owning an SLR does not make you a good photographer. As I will now demonstrate)

First time unboxed:

Some overall shots:

Some detail shots:

One of my favorite features of the Aventador model are the doors. They open upwards and outwards. If you look closely you can see that there's the door handle and once pushed forward there's a nice click followed by a woosh that brings the door straight up under it's own spring power. There's also a nice metal pushrod in the bottom left of the picture. Way too ballin, what'd I'd give to open that everyday with one in my driveway.

Another nice touch that the model had was the spoiler. It's held very securely and they did a good job replicating the actual car with the hinge locations. Another thing that the model offers is the side vents open up a few mm. They suck as and don't stay up, but at least they included it instead of molding it.

Another area with good hinges is the front "trunk". It opens and closes very solidly and the inside is flocked nicely to simulate the carpeting in the actual car:

The wheels are really good too. They are painted with a nice even gloss black and molded very accurately. It has a metal emblem in the middle which stands out pretty nicely from the glossy black and the brake discs resemble the carbon ceramics on the real car. One of my biggest beefs with recent car models are that scaled wheel sizes haven't kept up with the world of real cars. They make the wheels so damn small, but AUTOart has made these fill the wheel wells really good:

One of the hardest parts of the Aventador to capture accurately is the shape of the nose. It seems to not be as straight forward as what most car designs are use to and the lines on the hood also posed a challenge I could imagine. If you guys look closely you can see my hood actually has a chip close to the emblem. I think my hinges on my hood weren't tightened well and it must have opened/closed several times while shipping resulting in that area being chipped out. PISS. No worries though, I bought a bottle of touch up paint I'll probably be using on it soon...
The headlights are also made very nicely and I like that there's not a drop of glue to be seen anywhere or nibs to hold them in place.

The exterior of the car is also littered with fine mesh to stimulate the vents on the real car. They are photo-etched pieces and give great depth to the shell. Gonna be a bitch to clean though. Always store your car models being glass.

The interior also looks very accurate. The only problem I have with it is the steering wheel looks a bit bulky. The frost colored seats are made really nicely and the interior parts seem to be more "seperated" and individually done instead of the typical entire dash mold's I'm use to on older AUTOart models.

And finally the last bit. The Engine. This is actually the favorite thing on this model because often times the engine seems to not go in a detailed in the Lamborghini's since mostly all you see are the intakes and covers. If you blow the picture up, you'll be able to see that AUTOart definitely went above and beyond for this one. The valve cover is accurately painted in wrinkle black paint and the spark plug cover has a very intricate carbon fiber pattern weave applied. There's also quite a bit of mesh in the cooling plates and many fine cut outs all over these areas. Another thing I really liked were the metal pieces used for the push rod suspension. The only thing lacking is that there aren't any "Ohlins" decals on the coils, but other than that, the engine bay looks fantastic.

I'm sorry I couldn't deliver to you guys better pictures and there were some areas that I wanted to cover further, but after putting the pictures on my computer I realized a lot of pics look much shittier on a 24" monitor vs a 2" LCD screen. Hopefully this review can help you guys decide if this is worth adding to your collection. For me, its definitely a must have. AUTOart has really put a lot of work and innovation in getting this bad boy as accurate as possible.

Feel free to comment below if you guys have any questions.

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  1. Do the trunks latch? If so, how do you get them open?

    1. They don't latch closed. I have to flip the car upside down to have them open or use one of their plastic wedge tools to lift them up.

  2. I also want to know how smoothly the doors and trunks open and close and if you know what they use for the hinges.

  3. The trunk and hood use just regular metal hinges with screws to cause some upward and outward openings. I'm not sure about the doors. They are ridiculously smooth. I'll take a GoPro footage for you some posts down the line!