Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photoshoot + ROLLERS

Today I had the fortunate chance to shoot some pictures with Zach Cherkaoui, owner of Exposure Photographix. It seemed like the perfect time to get the FR-S shot after I had kept it super minty for the last week after the intense detail job conducted by Mr. Chow combined with the great weather we have been receiving.

I've never been a very good photographer, nor have I had the patience to get into it, but Zach has a ton of experience and his previous rollers 100% vouch for his careful eye and distinct shooting style. For me, after going through so many of his albums throughout the years, I feel his special trademark are his badass rollers. They always look great and it's always been a mystery how these shots can be done. They look amazing and I've never been able to wrap my head around how such shots could be made from a certain angle, at a certain speed without any motion blur, rumble or blurriness from movement of the camera. Needless to say, Zach has figured all these out and has perfected his technique in taking some bad ass roller shots.

Started the shoot by meeting Zach at the Esso on Argyll & 91st at 4 PM on this sunny Sunday afternoon along with my friend Herbert who would be the driver of the camera car in his WRX. First thing was going into Esso to grab some refreshments followed by moving around certain areas to get some good settings for many still shots. Around 5PM we started doing the rollers up and down 91st street. The shots turned out wonderful after seeing them on the camera. So far Zach has sent me one photo as a teaser and currently working on the full set which I'll put up when they are completed.

My first experience in having a car as the subject of a shoot was wonderful and really makes you appreciate the angles of the car, because the photographer definiately has a knack for knowing which sides of the car looks best. And hey, how many of us actually get to see how our cars look driving on the road? We're always behind the wheel. But today, for me, that mystery has been solved by my friend Zach Cherkaoui.


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