Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gundam Fix Figuration 0011 EX-S Gundam

So I do really enjoy building Gundam models, but as you guys have seen from the last 30 days blog challenge, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the hobby, so often time's the process takes forever and I rarely get it done. A major bonus in building your model yourself is that you can deck it out in as much detail as you want, and often times pre-built figures or boxed figures can never match this level of detail.

However, Bandai has released a Gundam line called "Fix Figuration" which do contain a high level of detail, pose ability, and an assortment of weapons and armaments. This figures are often produced in lower quantities and once released, prices of certain ones sky rocket if they are sought after. My favourite is a Full Armor Unicorn Gundam given by the lady friend last year that had sat on my work desk until work from home, but I recently acquired another one for the basement desk. 

The thing that attracted me to this figure was it's sheer size and that in it's relaxed form it already looks destructive. The figure is decked our in armaments and the detail and model is unmatched for his scale. The scale is 1/144 for normal Gundam kits and if your unfamiliar with the Gundam sizing scale it's about half a foot tall (just the robot itself, minus the armaments). With all the packs and weapon upgrades, the figure soon becomes a decked out desk piece. This is truly a good example of a pre-made figure that matches detail of most models that you would have to build. They command a higher price, but for the lazy and most demanding of collectors they are well worth the money. 

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