Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GrimmSpeed Limited Edition 86 Oil Filler Cap

Even before ordering my car, I knew that I wanted to add some customized parts or a little bit of personalization. I wasn't going to go full out right away, but obviously a few things were in line to be changed.  I knew that the FR-S was a cheaper vehicle and soon there would be many more on the streets. My desire to add parts or customize was also driven by the fact that I was a major gear head, yet someone who knows very little about cars or anything about this specific vehicle could just walk into the dealership and come out driving the exact same thing. So I knew some customization was definitely going to come up here, but where was the line drawn? I told myself that all the parts I was going to add were going to be something that added performance, safety, or functionality. But there was a little gem that popped up, that I couldn't pass up. 

After I ordered the car, I started surfing the FT86club forums like a mad man and GrimmSpeed had started up an interesting thread for a replacement oil filler cap. After seeing some of the design proposals, I knew that this little guy would look great under the engine bay and would immediately set my car apart from the others once the hoods were popped. They had a group buy in place for a limited number run of 140 and after putting my name down June 8th, 2012 the waiting game began. I was secured position #62. The next two months were spent monitoring the thread closely with anticipation and with each update they posted, the cap became much closer to reality. After seeing several design proposals, the final version was shown and they started posting teasers of the caps being made:

Seeing the manufacturing process really shows the care and craftsmanship GrimmSpeed puts into each and every cap and how tedious it was to get them to match the finalized designs laid out. It was a very fine piece and with the limited numbers being produced, many more members started swarming the thread to try to secure their positions. Finally the day came where payment was required which I immediately sent and received a tracking number, while many others were unable to make the cut off date.

Today, the wait was finally over. More than 2 months after watching the initial designs and following the manufacturing process, it was finally at my doorstep. I have to say that it's very solid and felt very nice in my hand right after I took it out of the box. The part looks great in person and all the little lines, grooves and cuts show that the part use to be a solid hunk of metal and extensive metal work was employed to create the minute details in every single cap. The cap wasn't made out of cheap materials and then horribly poured into a cast mold which was then polished down. It was definitely an extraordinary piece to behold and for the promo price they gave the first limited 140, the cap was a bargain.

The box:

Packaged very nicely:

New vs Old:

062 of 140:

Finally in the Engine Bay:

Although Grimmspeed has cut off the initial limited run of 140, they have since added another group buy which will not be numbered and won't be offered at the same price. But I can assure you that the new price is still a bargain for this little meticulously manufactured detail that will put a smile on your face every time the hood gets popped.

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