Thursday, August 9, 2012

Green Lantern Batman by DC Direct

A lot of figures I have are part of "sets" that I collect. A figure line that I constantly update and chase down series after series, but many of my favourite figures are the one off's that I grab because the character just seemed pretty cool. 

The King of my "one-off" figures definitely has to be Green Lantern Batman. He was originally created in a "what-if" story line and nobody thought much of him. The Green Lantern series of figures came and gone and people just either smirked or thought it was a cool figure and picked him up along with the rest of the series. Then this "motivational" picture went viral:

This single picture made everyone realize how rigged a Green Lantern Batman actually is and the prices of the figure quickly sky-rocketed due to the insane cult following that single picture garnered. In my opinion, Green Lantern Batman is one of the most bad ass characters I have ever seen molded in plastic, and after coming across the picture above,  I constantly had my eyes open in the event that one did pop up. 

After a few toy shows and comic fairs, I decided to give up the chase and realize that unless I wanted to drop over $100 bucks on eBay, I wasn't going to get Green Lantern Batman. Also, he wasn't part of a set I had to complete or anything, so why did I need him so bad? BadAssery. That's a word I just made up today and it's the only way to describe this guy. 

At the last Edmonton Pop Culture Fair a vendor who was not a regular had brought his entire DC Direct collection to sell at $15 a pop which were lined up all across the table. I immediately saw the Green Lantern backing card pop up in a row and sifted through them quickly. Saw a flash of green and black and then a few cards more. Wait?! Went back and I couldn't believe my luck! Pulled him out of the pile like a champ. It was only 15 minutes since the door open for the show. If I had been any later, I'm sure he would have been in someone else's hands. I tried my best to hide my excitement of finding him and haggled the seller to $10. He agreed and Green Lantern Batman now hangs on my wall:

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