Wednesday, July 11, 2012

500KM. Time for a True Impression.

This is the brand new Scion FR-S. Internationally known as the Toyota GT86 and twin to the Subaru BRZ.

Since I was young, I've always loved cars. I grew up admiring and reading about all types of vehicles, but the one that hits closest to home are lightweight Japanese sports cars. It seems that as I was getting deeper into understanding these cars, they had slowly transformed into a dying breed. The dream of buying an affordable, light weight, small engine, rear wheel drive 
sports car was disappearing.

Reaching the age of purchasing one of these vehicles, my options have dwindled to either purchasing one of these famed vehicles in conditions similar to a clunker, or buying one of the new "sports cars" on the market. But I decided not to buy into that. In my opinion, what is on the market now isn't what these legends wanted as successors. These new cars are built on platforms of family cars. They start off with an economic family car, dump a bigger or turbocharged engine into the bay, add some sporty seats, red stitching, nice wheels and convince us, the true fans of the dream, that these are the new "sports cars." But they're not. Don't get me wrong, those cars are great. But they weren't for me. I'm a purist.

The sitting position. The perception of the road. The suspension. The feeling of everything around you developed for one sole purpose: for you. The driver. The feelings you receive from today's "affordable sports cars" will never mimic a vehicle who's purpose from the ground up was designed for your driving pleasure, and your driving pleasure alone. To eliminate all factors that would cut into this sensation to achieve a final frontier: a pure sports car that is affordable.

This car is phenomenal, a game changer. Although this vehicle is an end product, it isn't the end. It's just the beginning. The beginning of a generation of cars that proves the dream isn't dead. This car embodies the idea that the dream is still real and when that dream becomes reality, people will pursue it. It demonstrates to car manufacturers that if they produce a fun, light weight, real wheel drive vehicle, they won't pile up on the dealership lot. It's because the dream is never dead, and the new FR-S is proof of that.

As I'm writing this, currently there are only a handful of FR-S and BRZ's in the city. But I can promise you. I can absolutely promise you, that there will be much more on the road in the following months. Because there are several people out there, who have craved for that same dream. To be behind the wheel of a car that one day may be rare. That already, in my opinion, has a legendary status. I can only hope that there will be much more on the road and that drivers everywhere will experience the dream for themselves.

"I can only hope enough that this car sells well, and that we will see tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of them on the streets. And that they will live long and happy lives shredding rubber and putting smiles on faces of everyone for generations to come."

But this single one is special. This one is White. This one is a 6 Speed. This is one of the first.
And this one is mine.

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