Thursday, September 1, 2011

Play Arts Kai: Halo Reach - Jorge

So after some feedback, it turns out no one even wants to look at it if there's no pictures. PICTURES OR IT NEVER HAPPENED I guess. Also, Liam seemed to have stop doing recaps of blogs since I've stopped doing pictures.

So back to pictures!

If you've played Halo: Reach, then your already pretty familiar with "Noble Six." Their an elite group of Spartans (A type of solider in the Halo Universe) and out of this team of 6 my two favorites were Jorge and Emile.

The company known as Square Enix (famous for Final Fantasy, Kingdom of Hearts...etc) have at one point created their own line of figures known as "Play Arts Kai." These figures normally stand 8-10 inches tall and have an immense amount of detail and articulation. Also, they follow Revoltech figures in that there's little "clicks" for every degree of movement in a lot of the joints, so they can hold more complicated poses without getting dragged down by their weight. The price range of Play Art Kai's range from $40-$65 MSRP.

So you can imagine that collecting quite a few of these eventually puts a heavy dent in the bank account. Lucky for me, I had acquired Jun and Emile from a kind of "broken toy bin" type sale for 12 dollars which came in a bag all dissembled with about half of Emile, all of Jun (with a broken arm) and half of Noble 6. With all the custom work I did it was quite easy to reassemble the figures and I had to combine the chest and some arm parts of Noble 6 to create Emile. This explains why Emile doesn't have the shotgun shells on his chest if you google for his photograph, and also they didn't come with their guns, so I had to improvise.

I've always wanted Jorge and for $60 it was pretty hefty. In the end I came to the conclusion that since I got Emile and Jun (120 dollar value) for $12, I could justify buying the Jorge, so I did. I've been itching to put him up here since I received him, so without further adieu, I present Jorge:

After uploading these pictures and seeing them in full res, I am actually quite disappointed. Jorge was made really tall, has a solid stature and is very high in detail. Somehow, my new camera doesn't pick out these details, so I encourage you to visit other blogs searching for better photographs. This figure is worth it.

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