Saturday, September 3, 2011

HeroClix Street Fighter Start Pack & Tournament

Today I went to my second HeroClix tournament where the theme was Marvel VS Capcom. I played all Capcom with M.Bison, Akuma and Chun-Li. Because the point limit was 400, I had to buy the Street Fighter starter set because all the figs were 50 points in there. M.Bison and Akuma were 180 and 170, so Chun-Li finished off the 400 point limit.

I'm pretty inexperienced, but somehow won all my matches. M.Bison and Akuma both do 4 clicks of damage and "heavy" figures normally have about 8 clicks. Because M.Bison has an "outwit" ability I get to outwit any damaging absorbing powers so that means they all take the entire damage. M.Bison hits them once, then Akuma. Normally that K.O'.s them so I did pretty well. I got second place out of 13 people. The person who was first won all his matches, but won his matches all with losing less of his own guys.

My prize was a limited edition Karima figure.

The starter set looks pretty nice, so here are the figures:

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