Sunday, September 4, 2011

1/6 War Machine Limited Edition by Hot Toys - Unboxed & Weaponized

Alright, wanted to give you guys a more bigger and more bad-ass one this time since it's a long weekend so took out the Psyco War Machine out and got him all weaponized up.

This is the most Bad-Ass figure I own. $200 worth of Bad-Ass. The paint is flawless. Super detail from head to toe. Not a single flaw. Weapons were added as accurate as possible to the CGI functionality of the War Machine in the movies.

Since this guy has so much stuff in him, I'll have to split it up into 2 parts.

This first part is when I take him out of the box and weaponize him. The second part will consist of all the little details and tidbits.

Enjoy the shots:

When taking him out of the box, you can immediately tell by the bulk of the figure that it has a pretty insane detail and the matte paint gives it a hardcore look. Hot Toys captured the feeling of War Machine as just a heavy weapon designed for wreaking havoc.

Upper chest flaps open up to reveal a shoulder mounted missile cannon and a small powered rocket launcher.
Fore-arm mounted Machine Guns were placed next:

Finally, the flagship weapon of War Machine - The auto-aiming articulated shoulder mounted gatling gun. Its both rotational and multi-directional. Comes with a nice detailed long rubber ammo chain.

Here's a shot with the Arc turned on. Also his eyes light up red.

The forearms also light up in a similar fashion.

Here's a dimmed picture of the Arc Reactor so you can see the details imbedded around the light.

Some details of the upper body weapons. Notice that there's a slider so the shoulder-mounted gatling gun can slide all the way across his back.

A better shot of the fore-arm mounted Machine Guns

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