Monday, August 8, 2011



This your boy, Peter Luu. Sorry for the hiatus. No one reads this anyways. No biggie.
Still getting up to gear at my new job, so posts have been slow.

But not for long.
For this... is the SUMMER BLOG CHALLENGE.

Pretty simple. One post a day, for 30 days.

Devised by my co-worker & friend Liam, its a plan to utilize our blogs more (for those who are pretty inconsistent like me) and to get more readership into our blogs. I think its great, and its been going on for 3 years. This is the first time I'm doing this, so hopefully i'm not too dull. Comments would be hype.

Also, I invite you guys to visit the other people who have ACCEPTED. the SUMMER BLOG CHALLENGE. The links for the other participants are here:
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I collect toys. A lot of toys. I mean...i collect a lot of collectibles. Yes. Collectibles.

We all have some kid in us, and all of us like toys.

I took it a level up...i still buy toys....or a level down. I dunno. you guys be the judge.

But all of us have a lil kid in us, so maybe if your not able to pitch out some hard earned moolah for some kick ass toys , then just visit here daily, and let your inner kid out while my wallet drains. Sound hype?

I'm also a huge motorhead and build/collect car models as well. I sometimes build my own toys and customize quite a bit (if you visit past posts).

Majority of my posts are gonna be a new collectible that just came in, or some I've gotten in the past that hasn't had enough "spot light" that I feel it deserves. The post will probably consist of pictures and a short history/review of the figure.

Unless something epic happens. Like Stan Lee takes a shit on my lawn or a Lamborghini drives through my living room.

But enough of that. Lets get to da TOOOOOOOOOOOYZ.

Alrite. Lets get to it.


  1. I'd only read a couple of posts before this (iron man and lamborghini, I think) and I wondered if you were a modeler or not. Seems like a natural extension from the collectibles [cough cough toys cough].
    Welcome to the Summer Blog Challenge.

  2. "Comments would be hype!" That's awesome. I think it would also be hype if Iron Man had Lamborghini armour. You'd think Tony Stark would almost demand such a thing as a component of his playboy lifestyle.

  3. Ooh, Iron Man as a transformer into a Lamborghini, or just Lambo branded armour?

  4. Lambo branded armour would be pretty awesome.
    I wish Iron man had driven a Lamborghini in his movies instead of the Audi R8. I think it suits him a lot more, but Batman has the license for the Lamborghini's.

  5. Welcome to the challenge - boys with toys, i can see this will be a popular man zone!

  6. I used to collect those Todd McFarlane toys. Had a ton of the NHL series and a few other stuff. Sold them for a pretty penny when I moved. Just couldn't justify them anymore