Thursday, August 11, 2011

Street Fighter HeroClix Released! Got AKUMA.


Alright. Trying to give you guys some different stuff everyday. A new "sector" of collectibles I can introduce to you, so you guys know what kinda shit I spend my money on.

But i'm sure after the introduction of the Mighty Muggs, Models, Heroclix, Car Models and Lightsabers it'll just be repeats of the same stuff, but just different characters or types or something.

So today is HeroClix.

What is HeroClix?

Its just a game played on a map with multiple players. It involves dice rolls and a shit load of complicated rules I still don't know half of. They involve attack, defense, damage, speed and special abilities. Majority of the abilities are outlined on the card and every character is different. What happens is there's normally a limit of points for your "team" and stronger characters have higher points, weaker ones lower. You set them up on a map and try to FOOOOOOOOOKIN destroy the other team as badly as you can with your bad ass plastic super heroes. When your guy takes damage his dial gets "clicked" (hence heroCLIX) and most of the time he becomes weaker. (unless your hulk, then you just get more pissed and get stronger and just fuck shit up).

How do you by them?

You have to buy them mostly in blind boxes so its similar to games like Magic, or my childhood past time, Pokemon. What I find attractive about HeroClix though, is that sometimes I just can't justify paying for printed paper anymore, so little collectible plastic figures seem to justify it a bit better? I dunno. haha. But as you can see in the Akuma I opened today, the detail in these little figures are pretty good.

What "super heroes" or characters can you get?

Majority of HeroClix is super heroes with DC and Marvel universe. There are some other Clix licenses that have come out in the past, but the company which creates them (NECA now) is starting to move into other licenses. The newest of which is Street Fighter! Because of the different varieties and licenses, you can play a wide range of heroes, so you can mix and match your favorite super hero team from across different universes. and together THEY CAN FUCK SHIT UP. admit it. you always wanted juggernaut and superman to pound a team of green lanterns to a pulp. Or like 5 batmans fight 5 robins. I dunno?

How did I get into it?

I frequented the comic book store a lot since I was a kid and over time someone who works there graciously would give me his doubles since he doubles quite often in pursuit of completing an entire set. Over time I've accumulated a ton of clix, and just recently started playing (maybe a year or so now?) I still don't buy a lot of clix, and the new Street Fighter set has got me pretty excited, so I might end up picking up quite a few of those.

They were just released yesterday so went down to Quantum and bought a set of 3. The molds on them are really good, and I'm pretty impressed with the set so far. Really wanted one of the major figures. Wanted to try just 3 individual guys first and If I like them i might pick up a case. Akuma was the first one I opened, and he's a pretty sweet fig. Check it out:

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  1. I played a little Marvel HeroClix when I was in university. Pretty fun, and the models were definitely cool.
    A friend of mine had a Marvel RPG back in the day and it came with a bunch of lead miniatures that we had to paint. On one hand, it was cool, because for, say, spiderman, we could paint him in his black and white costume. It was frustrating, though, because I wasn't a very good painter.