Saturday, August 20, 2011

SDCC Exclusive Avengers Mini Muggs Set

So I got home pretty late last night and didn't even check the living room. But apparently my long awaited second SDCC Comic Con Exclusive had arrived. Woke up this morning and cracked him open.

After the Mighty Muggs line got discontinued by Hasbro, they created a few exclusives in "Mini Muggs" form. These guys stand about 2 inches tall, while a normal Mugg stands about 6.

The set includes Hulk, Thor, Ant Man/Hang Pym/GiantMan, Iron Man and Captain America.
Since Hank is "Giant Man" he's a full size Mugg and "explodes out of the box". I find it pretty humorous, so had to add this guy to my collection.

The original "Avengers" were these 5 members and as kind of a part preview for The Avengers movie coming out next year, I guess they chose these characters as this years Comic Con Exclusive.

Enjoy the pics.

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  1. These are awesome and I am not entirely sure who would enjoy these more at my 4.5 year old son or my 37.5 year old husband!