Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mighty Muggs: Spider-man SDCC 2011 Exclusive

Once again.
Come and gone.
San Diego
Comic Con.

Another year I have not yet been able to attend Comic Con. But no worries. One day in the near future!

Last week I received in the mail, a special package! Mighty Muggs + SDCC Exclusive. LEEET COMBO.

For da crazy wookiee noobies, heres a low down.

The flagship of my collectibles are these vinyl urbanized figures called "Mighty Muggs". Their made by Hasbro and have the runs of Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Indiana Jones. I saw the first wave many years ago and it contained Iron Man, Spider-Man, Venom and Wolverine. They looked so unique and the density/quality of the vinyl and the gorgeous paint/packaging had me hooked instantly.

I have collected a TON of these over the years. Probably close to 100 if I'm not mistaken, but I haven't kept count! I'm sure it'd hurt too much... and maybe...if I survive this 30 day blog challenge - I'll post a final picture of all of them stacked for you. I have almost every Marvel, Star Wars and Transformers Mighty Muggs ever conceived including all the exclusives. I'm not a huge G.I. Joe or Indiana Jones guy, so I never bothered to hunt those down. So that's the low down for the "Mighty Muggs".

The SDCC part stands for "San Diego Comic Con". It's just a huge pop culture fair every year they have.

If you dunno what SDCC stands for - It stands for San Diego Comic Con.
If you don't know what San Diego Comic Con is. I can't help you.
You live in a box and your toilet consists of a hole in the ground.
Its okay though. I have relatives in China who still shit in a hole in the ground.
No biggie.

Sadly though. Mighty Muggs have been "out of production" for about 2 years now. They only release new ones for Comic Con and just exclusives that only attendees can buy. What happens is you go to say a "Hasbro" booth and you get a ticket. Lining up for this ticket grants you another ticket....to line up again. Yep. then you line up in the exclusives shop and you are then allowed to purchase the super rare super sought after super awesome super exclusive super low quality comic con figures.

Many major toy manufacturers release their own SDCC Exclusives, so Muggs aren't the only exclusives that are made. Then after many non-attendees such as myself flock to Ebay to try to acquire these super rare super sought after super awesome super exclusive super low quantity comic con figures.

This years Comic Con Exclusive Mugg: Unmaskable Spider-Man.

These SDCC Exclusive Muggs always have some lil feature to them, that the regular store shelf Muggs never possess. In this case, This Spider-man features a hand-sewn cloth mask that can be removed. That's a pretty new one on me.

The packaging looks awesome, and all the red is in foil. My favorite is the top. I don't know if the pictures do it justice, but its just super scarlet metallic red. This ones definitely one of my favorite Muggs upon receiving it. Hope you guys enjoy the pics.

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