Friday, August 12, 2011

MG Gundam RX-78-2 (One Year War) Progress

Didn't do anything special today. Just your typical friday. Gonna be a lame update...But I'll have a super dope one for you guys tomorrow...hopefully.

Now some Gundam Model Kit Knowledge:

Whats special bout the "MG" class Gundam's is that they contain an under frame. These frame's are pretty high in detail and allow the Gundam's to have tons of articulation and hold some pretty insane poses. This particular model is in 1/100 scale, which normally averages from 8 - 10 inches in height. The other common scales are 1/144 (4-5 inches) and 1/60 which is pretty damn big. I have no clue how big these are since I don't own any. If your really curious about the Gundam Model hierarchy, their all on wiki.

For my underbody I chose to bust out the Gun Metal spray cans to make this thing look as mechanical as possible. I started out with taking out the pieces for the legs and arms and doing the underbody of the chest.

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