Saturday, August 13, 2011

MG Gundam RX-78-2 (One Year War) More Progress...

Alrite. So no gonna be that crazy post I promised you guys. But I did make some progress on the underbody today. Please please please enlarge the first pic. I really took the detail to the next level on this build, so I want you guys to see the full SHABANG.

First thing was everything was fully dried from being sprayed gun metal yesterday.

I spent a lot of time detailing the parts so they'd look really mechanical. Used lots of gold, copper and silver to bring out the detail in the parts.

Actually spend a LOT of time detailing these parts. What do you guys think? Looks pretty good eh? Hopefully this guy will keep going good.

Additionally, my old Canon PowerShot A95 that I use to take these pictures is on its death bed, so there's a purple kinda hue on the left side of the later pics.

I'll be working on the chest tomorrow. A lot of the pieces are getting ready to be sprayed and decalled, but I have something else I want to show you guys tomorrow..

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