Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MG Gundam RX-78-2 (One Year War) Chest Complete

We are about halfway through the 30 Day Blog Challenge and I have had quite a few conversations with people who are actually reading my blog but not commenting. I INVITE you guys to take a few seconds to sign into your google accounts or facebook accounts and add a comment or even saying "yo pete. thats hype." would be pretty awesome.

So been hustling pretty fast here. Never went this quick through a model. But after taking the pics I realized my replacement camera is too damn bright which kills a shit ton of the detail I painstakingly invest in my models. It looks much better in person, so hopefully I can learn to use this thing to make it a tad darker to bring out the detail and panels.

So firstly, I had finished the under-skeleton with gunmetal and detailed it up.
The upper body armor consisted of mostly 3 colors: Blue, Red and Yellow.

I gave the red the same treatment I had given the shield. It was panel lined and then sprayed with Tamiya TS-18 Metallic Red.

Next up was the blue which was sprayed in Tamiya TS-19 Metallic Blue. Once again, I had panel lined the part before the clear.

Then yellow was done earlier at the same time I sprayed the quad-star on the shield. I gave it a thin coat of Bright Sun Metallic.

Here are some pics before the spraying of the Red, Blue and Yellow parts:

For the pics below, it only shows assembly after I had sprayed the TS-18 Metallic Red and TS-19 Metallic blue. The yellow parts are still stock color.

After the completion of spraying the colored parts, the blue and red pieces required decals. The Gundam kit comes with two kinds of decals. One is the rub on's as seen on the shield from previous posts and the second is an ultra thing sticker which Bandai is started to favor quite a bit. Personally, I dislike the thin stickers and prefer the rub-on's and water-slide decals because no matter what I do, its still evident that they were stickers stuck on.

Following the application of the decals I gave the red and blue parts a douse of Tamiya TS Clear to seal them off and maybe make it less evident that they were stickers. Hopefully I did a good job.

I then laid out the pieces of the chest for assembly:


While I had the TS-18 Metallic Red out, I also had sprayed and applied decals to the feet. I decided to test fit them on the under-skeleton to see how it was looking so far. Not bad eh?



  1. Okay, OKAY! I'm commenting! Please don't hurt me...

    Looks really good so far. How many pieces are involved in this build?

  2. That looks really good, Peter. I'm pretty impressed. I didn't know how detail would come out with spray paint. My friend and I used to prime our miniatures with spray paint, and I guess that turned out pretty well...

    Anyway, that's awesome. Keep going!

  3. I love the bold, primary colours. So much of today's design aesthetic in popular culture revolves around drab monotones...not this giant robot!

  4. very nice so far, =) how come you panel line then paint?

  5. I feel that the paint seals the panel lines in. When I spray paint first, then panel line, after I put the clear over top the panel lines tend to bleed. So I always seal it off with the paint I'm using.

  6. hi..that's awesome man..
    do you put any finishing on it or just let them be?