Sunday, August 21, 2011

McFarlane Halo: Series 1 White Spartan

I forgot to introduce to you guys the McFarlane Halo series. I'm a huge halo fan. Halo has been my favorite game through the later half of my life and it's still my favorite gaming franchise ever.

I had been a collector of the McFarlane NHL Sports Picks (just the standard McFarlane Hockey Figures) and when I found out McFarlane was awarded the rights to produce the Halo 3 series, I was ecstatic.

Needless to say, I have collected a ton of these over time as well as Mighty Muggs. Majority of mine (probably 90%) are different Spartans. There's something about their combat suits and battle formations that has always appealed to me. The very first McFarlane Halo figures was released spring of 08 and had the major characters in Halo 3. My first figure was of course Master Chief (still in package) and a white spartan.

Hopefully over time, I will post more and more of my halo figures. I figured that after the 30 day blog challenge I'd post a "Halo figure a day" for maybe 30 days and give you guys a small description of what armor, rank and relation he has in the Halo story line.

Here's some pics of the white spartan.

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