Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kanye West & Jay-Z: Watch The Throne

I had a good weekend. I bought a shit ton of Street Fighter HeroClix. (that concludes my weekend).

Good new and bad news.

Good news is on Friday got a pass on my probation period at my IIP Job. So all good over there. Decided to celebrate, and just so happens on that day was the release of Kanye & Jay-Z's new collabo albuuuuum. WATCH THE THRONE.

I invite you to check it out. Its pretty good. Takes a while to grow on ya, but grows on ya good. I drove lots this weekend, so I had a lot of time with it. The album packaging is pretty hype. Covered in gold foil. PIMP.

Plus the music video for their first single is "Otis". Not gonna spoil it for you, but it involves doing some pretty messed up things to a Maybach 626....but i'll just leave it at that. Go check it out.

Bad news is my normal camera is acting like a PIECE OF SHIT. Wanted to give you guys a really long, lots of picture, super HYPE ASS review of one of the SWEETEST figs I own. But guess what? Camera's acting like a PIECE OF SHIT. its 11:30 and it won't read new batteries. Won't detect my normal nickel-metals, brand new alkalines, pre-used alkaline's (out of the tv remote in desperation) and fully charged nickel-metals (15 minute charger FTW). I guess a Canon PowerShot A95 from 2004 is a bit outdated. Time for a new digital camera...but then i'll have less money for toys. Which is indeed shitty.

In the meantime, heres some SHITTY CELLPHONE CAMERA PICS!

piece of shit cellphone camera...

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