Friday, August 26, 2011

Gundam Fix Figuration: Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

This figure is pretty insane. Insane detail, beautiful stand and intense articulation.

Oh yeah. and a bajillion fuckin guns.

Today is a day for both good/happy and bad/sad news. So a short bit of history. My current co-op job was secured near the end of Feb, with the first day being May 2nd (also where I met Liam, Grandmaster of 30 day blog challenge). Upon this great news and also being so close to Valentines day, my girlfriend bought this gift for me both as a Valentine's day and congratulatory gift. I decided on that day that the perfect place would be right on my desk at work starting May 2nd. I brought that bad boy in the very first day and throughout the first week spent lunch breaks setting up part by part. It was a slow build up. After 1 week he was completed and sat on my desk in all his weaponry glory.

Fast forward till now, it is determined that I will be working at home for a while.

So I said today was both happy/good and sad/bad. The sad/bad news is unfortunately I had to start bringing some stuff home and this figure had to be packed up and brought home today (it takes up my entire bag). I really wanted him to sit on the desk and be seen or admired. Lots of co-workers had stop by to take a look and chat me up regarding it. It's also a friendly reminder of her throughout my day, which is a great bonus.

The good news is that he's home so I'll be able to take him out and take more pics for you guys to see (hopefully tomorrow...but probably less likely). However, he likely will be set up again and placed on my home office. But its nicer to bring a part of home to the office...than have a piece of home. Enjoy the pictures. AND THE SHITLOADS OF WEAPONRY.

The day I received it:

Custom made China-man styrofoam box:

First impression of box:
First set up for test fitment:
Final home on work desk (or so I thought).