Monday, August 29, 2011

Fusion Works Gundam StandArt: MSK-008 Dijeh

So another gift I received. This is actually one of my favorite desk accessories because of the amount of detail packed into such a small package (that takes up less room on a desk).

My girlfriend picked it up for me on one of her HK trips.
These Gundam StandArts quickly have become pretty sought after since their introduction. They stand relatively small, and come with one piece of gum. It's from those asian snacks that usually have a toy + snack together in one, but over time these models have become so detailed you receive 1 entire robot...and one piece of the gum the size of a chiclet.

He also comes with a collectible card as well.
I took two close up shots so you guys could see the immense detail.

If you ever come across one of these Gundam StandArts I encourage you to pick it up. I think you pay around 8-10 bucks and receive one of the most detailed (fully painted, panel lined and decaled) and durable (almost made entirely of solid vinyl) figures for that price.

Enjoy the pics. Blow up the closeups for the detail.

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  1. HOw big is that guy? I did zoom into some of the pictures and the detail was really cool. But I couldn't tell how big he was.