Sunday, May 15, 2011

1/6 Iron Man Mark VI Collector's Edition by Hot Toys

Hey Hey, Sorry for the long absence, but just started my new job 2 weeks ago. Wanted to get settled in and finish everything the last 2 weeks. But hey, with extra income, and scheduled timing that means more time for posts, and more money for figs. So better for you guys in the end. Right?


So, this is the first 1/6 Figure I've posted on here, but I actually own 2 other ones. But this was a big one for me, and I got it before many other people have, so wanted to give you guys a shot. There's so much on this guy the review will probably be cut up into 3 parts. I'm still deciding if I should find a new way to take better pictures, because maybe the black backdrop is getting boring. Hopefully I figure something out.

About the 1/6 Figure format, its a pretty standard size in the industry. Previously the price tags have prevented me from collecting any, as well as interest. But since the Iron Man movies, I have picked up Iron Man Mark II and War Machine,who I'll hopefully put up soon as well. They are 12" tall, so the length of your standard school ruler or a foot and possess a ton of details. Hot Toys is a company that specializes in these figures, and mostly make "movie" based versions of 1/6 Figures. 1/6 Figures previously were limited to realistic military figures, and have since expanded. I have collected a ton of figures in different sizes and scales and articulation/detail and I have to say that the Hot Toys ones are worth the price, and I'd rather have 1 of these than 4 8" Figures or 10 3 & 3/4" figures. Hot Toys figures are generally in the ball park of $150-$200 a piece, but once you obtain one and they stop making them the prices start to go up on them. The Mark II I own has doubled in price since I first bought it.

But back to the fig:

I seriously don't know what to say.


The amount of detail, in these figures are ridiculous. No corners were cut in the production of it, and I have very tiny ticks with it, if there are any at all. Because of everything the figure comes with, I have to split up the review to being: The figure itself, accessories/flaps and detail, and lastly "Battle Damaged" because the figure has a battle damaged setting.

Firstly, here are pictures of the box. The box has some metallic sheen all over it, and I've taken a lot of pictures from different angles to emphasize the finish on it, But its pretty hard. The pictures don't really do it much justice.

The figure's sheen outside is a slide-out sleeve, and upon opening it you see all the pieces in front of you. I want to comment on improvements made from previous versions, but I haven't uploaded the older posts yet.

I tried to get some better lighting for when I first cracked him open, so you can see the paint used in the figure. The paint is perfectly smooth with no orange peel and the metallic sheen within it is gorgeous.

This one comes with more accessories than past Hot Toys Iron Men, and he also has another set which is the "missile" launching plates.

Hopefully I get the rest of the review done throughout this week.

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