Saturday, March 19, 2011

Transformers Alternity: Convoy/Nissan GT-R

Alrite, So i've been pretty god damn busy with getting a job locked down for may internship time. But got it secured, so thats why i've been off and busy. But hey, with a job more collectibles up for you guys to check out. Right?

So I picked this up last summer in HK. Bought this guy right in the airport and played with it during the flight all the way back in between sleeping.

As you guys all know, the Transformers Alternators line was really popular and had real life vehicles transform into select Transformers. These were a huge hit, but sadly when they were popular I wasn't making enough money to even think about buying one of these.

Transformers has rebooted them with a new line called "Alternity" and this was one of the first ones made. I picked Super Silver because it was the original color the GT-R was presented in. This is by far one of my favorite figures, and I paid a lot for this guy.

400HKD. Which is close to 50 bucks canadian, but all in all I think its worth it.

The figure looks great as a robot, or as a car. The shut lines are tight and the details are amazing.

Robot Form: He's pretty solid and stands really good. He has the same structure as bumblebee for transformation with the doors in the back and the rear end folding out to his legs. The joints are really tight, and the only thing I think he's missing is a gun or something. He only has 2 gattling guns on his forearms.

Car Mode: This is by far the most impressive part. They modeled the interior by providing seats and a steering wheel. (on the right hand side, very true to JDM). The hood opens up to reveal a pretty shotty made engine, but even making one is impressive enough! It has the valve cover just as seen in the real car. The last really impressive part is that the rims are made really nice, and theres pretty realistic disc brakes behind there.

All this quality and technicallity packed into a Car model in 1/32 scale is pretty damn impressive. Its definitely worth the buy. I couldn't afford another one, but just having 1 makes all the difference. Enjoy the pics.

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