Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tron Legacy: Sam Flynn's Deluxe Identity Disc

Alright, so been a while since I posted. Cut me some slack, I'm still in school.

So, some background on the movie: Me and E watched Tron Legacy in the theatres in UltraAVX. It was pretty dope. I don't know about the story and plot, but the music by Daft Punk was Awesome, and the visuals was for sure a master piece. But we couldn't have expected any less right?

I went tracking for one of the Identity Deluxe discs from a recommendation of Mander, but realized that they weren't shipping them up to Canada. Surprise! fucked in the ass in Canada from collectibles.

Anyways, ordered one online and just received it today.

Review: The packaging is pretty lame, its about the same as all the other Tron merchandise which seems pretty brutal, but I guess its catered to kids, so they don't really give much of a shit. right?

Initially, When i took the disc out of the packaging you can see that the matte paint gives it a pretty solid and "prop like" finish oppose to just a toy.

It seems pretty accurate in scale, and has some solid weight to it, encouraging me to huck it across the room, but i'm sure it'd break the electronics.

The cool features are it lights up (but many are complaining not enough, so making their own mods. I like customizing things, but i'm not an expert with a soldering iron, so gonna leave that one for now...). It also has sounds in certain settings.

The outside is rubber and clear, so it can take a bit of bumping around, and also identifies when it gets hit to make krazy daft punk sounds.

The stand is a nice touch. Just a piece of clear plastic but holds it nicely.

All in all, if your a big Tron fan, or even a small one this is definitely worth picking up (if you track one down).

For the price of 20 bucks, its a bargain. Looks good sitting there, or just having in your hand.

Here's some pics:

Presentation outside of the box:

Lets turn some of the lights on


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