Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hasbro: Iron Man 2 Movie War Machine Walmart Exclusive Edition

So, I haven't been on for a really long time. Just been to busy to get on here, but good news is I've bought tons of cool shit in the past lil while I haven't been on. Bad news is i'm pretty broke, so I guess i'm just gonna do what I initially wanted to do, and make my way backwards...since i'm not gonna afford anything anytime soon.

But today, went to Walmart in South Edmonton Common and came across some exclusive Iron Man 2 Figures. These are exclusive only to Walmart and they only had a handful left. I only had a chance to grab 1 War Machine and 1 Mark VI Iron Man. I couldn't keep War Machine in the package because he was so bad ass, so I took him out. Usually by this point, i'm pretty dissapointed, but I was not! This guy is so freakin solid. DC Direct Quality. I kid you not. Has interchangeable hands, the paints fantastic, and the joints are nice and tight. only paid $12.92, and its worth it for the extra 3 bucks on top of the 3.75" figures. You might wonder why I'm not buying those, but I figured for everyone I don't buy, i'm gonna put it towards the Hot Toys War Machine. When I get him, I'll put him up here for sure. So less chit chat, and more pictures below.

Here's the initial packaging. Notice how it says Exclusive in a shiny ass sticker. Oooooo, how exciting. Not really. but I was. True Story.

Took him out without his gear all attached. The chain link, and right shoulder missile cannon comes not attached.

Picture of him from the back with the bits attached.

Here are all the bits before being attached on.

I attached the chain ammo on, along with the shoulder cannon. I like the gattling guns attached to his forearms.

Here's a pic of him abou to fire up. The changeable hands make the poses pretty sweet.

Here's a closer shot of his body. The paints really good for the repulsor and the decals are a really nice touch and compliment him well.