Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maisto 1:18: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

So here it is. the brand new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
Was released only a month and a bit ago, and i bought it from a Maisto direct store in hong Kong.

I bought this in Hong Kong 1 week after it was released. Was a huge pain to pack this guy all up into the luggage and make sure it wouldn't break or scratch, but it was worth it since i knew it'd cost way too much to ship it here online, and that it wouldn't be available here for maybe a year.

I paid about $30 bucks for him after converting over.

The body work is good, and the paint seems like it was layed on a lot better than the few recent Maisto models i've purchased.

The interior was definitely a huge improvement for Maisto, most of the time their garbage. The interior had lots of detail and it was actually red and black (unlike my SLR which is grey plastic).

The wheels are molded superbly and the brake and grill details are a great touch. The only disappointment is when you open the hood and see that the engine is a flat pressed piece of plastic. Its like this in the SLR too, but it looks much shittier in this, since the front of the car is bulging, so you expect to see a beast in there when you open up the hood.

Overall, its a great model for the living room table as long as your looking at the front most of the time. (i still hate the back end of the SLS, and its not even close to growing on me).

Anyways, enjoy the pictures.

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