Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Minichamps 1/43: James Bond Aston Martin DBS. (Gold Edition Limited to 2016 Pieces World Wide)

So here is the first car model I'm posting, but i actually own alot. 

This is actually my first 1/43 scale car model, because i always felt like you couldn't get enough out of them in such a smal size, but i obviously couldn't pass this one up.

The minichamps line is the most famous brand for model cars in the 1/43 scale around the world. This one retails for probably over 100 bucks, since the regular non gold DBS retails for about 70. The detail on this model is amazing right down to the tiny emblems, 5 point harness in the seats and the tiny fire extinguisher in the back seats. 

Whats really nice about this model is that its freakin gold plated. Its the shiniest thing in my basement for sure. I thought only the body would be covered in gold, but the rims, side mirros, grill and the exhaust pipes are too. The golds been plated real smooth and theres barely any imperfections in the body at all. This ones just straight up beautiful. I doubt any of these can be bought from a retail store or sitting a shelf anywhere, but maybe check around on Ebay. but be ready to pay the big bucks, because this bad boys pretty rare with only 2016 pieces around the world. Mines #1316/2016.

Check out the pics: Its shiny as hell. 

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