Monday, April 20, 2009

DC Direct: Ame-Comi Batgirl PVC Figure

So i was picking up some buddies on my birthday way back, and decided to go to th comic book store. See whats up. So went inside and saw a table full of 50% off shit. Guess what? Sexy Batgirl. $20 bucks. Everytime i went in to grab books and stuff, its been hanging up on there. I saw my girlfriend eyeing it a few times and she pointed it out. but really. 45 bucks?

20 bucks. Okay. Picked it up, and i gave it to her the next time i saw her, and she told me to keep it at my place. Am i going to say no to keeping sexy batgirl in my basement? well no.

So here she is. She's actually really big. Stands 9" Tall and is probably one of the biggest figures i own. The paints really good. nice and smooth, no imperfections on the surface and no hints of mold lines at all. She doesn't move at all. Just comes with a base and shes stuck in that cheesy pose, but she still looks hot. Shes actually pretty sought-after so I have no idea why no one bought her, but I guess 45 bucks is pretty hefty. Well here are some pics. Try not to slober too much.

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