Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mighty Muggs: SDCC Iron Man

So second post here, so thought i'd start sharing most of my prized possessions up on here, since before I bought some of my things, it was pretty hard to find really good personal pictures of them besides those straight up photos from the manufacturer that are straight up dinky and low res. So heres my special Iron Man Mighty Muggs as seen from the movie. He was a limited edition during the San Diego Comic Con and was only available there. From what I heard you had to stand in a 2 hour line up for a ticket to stand in another 4 hour line up to grab this guy. He's extremely rare now and easily goes up on ebay for 70 bucks. I grabbed him with a Commander Gree Mighty Muggs off Ebay, so approximate price of this guy: 30 bucks. (won the bid about a week right after comic con). I know you grammar freaks are gonna have a hard time with this one, because since their really called "Mighty Muggs" i'll have to add the "s" at the end of "Muggs" which makes it sound plural, but reall its still singular, since they refer to one mugg as a muggs.


So as you can see right away he's pretty special. He's the only Mighty Muggs who has had a metallic box treatment. On the back it appears he's the only one in the "Iron Man" run of mighty muggs, and there will be no other ones coming. Mine got bumped a tiny bit in the upper right corner during shipping, so kind of a piss off. But better than not having one. The gold is a mat gold which brings him out really well, but the rest of the red is all metallic which is pretty special. He comes with no accessories, but he still looks mega bad ass. He's my favorite muggs out of all of mine (37). So here are some pictures, and hope you enjoy em. 

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