Friday, March 13, 2009

DC Direct: Watchmen Series 1 - Rorschach

Here is my first post, so what better way to start a blog then the best character from the most celebrate novel of all time, Watchmen? 

I went to see watchmen last week Friday on the opening day here in Canada, and let me tell you. The movie was really good and well put together. They caught the story pretty good in 2 hours and 43 minutes, but a few things bothered me. One was the fight scene where Night Owl ll and Silk Spectre fought the thugs that tried to mug them. The fight scene was good, but the motive was kind of...twisted i guess? probably since Zack Snyder definately needed some kinda 300 style action, so he threw it in there. I thought that Nite Owl and Silk Spectre probably wouldn't kill some thugs like that, so kinda set off thier morals and their characters a bit more compared to the novel. Another thing is that Doctor Manhattan's had it hanging the whole time. Somewhere i read said a total of 30 some odd minutes or something. It definately was a little bit too much. Everyone i've talked to agreed that it was a little bit too much. I feel sorry for those who saw it in IMAX realizing Dr. Manhattans dick was about as big as them on that huge ass screen. But hey, when he was huge the first time Rorschach came to seek him, i bet it was about as big as one of us already? Anyways, aside from that fact the most wack thing had to have been the soundtrack. I feel like the music totally did not reflect the mood of the graphic novel at all, and definitely hurt the experience of the movie. Who has sex to hallalujah? 

But overall it was a pretty good movie, so to celebrate the most celebrated novel of all time going to the large screen I went out of my way to my local comic book store "Wizards" and picked up my favorite character from watchmen, Rorschach, for a total of 20.74. Its an extremely good figure but they skimped on some of the painting lik ehis belt bucle and the buttons. Also his scarf and jacket where its joined is not glued all that well, but overall the figure is very appealing and realistic. The switchable hand is a good addition for the Grappling Gun. The grappling gun has to be one of the best accessories in any figure i've seen. Its painted and sculpted really well and weathered to match. If you can get your hands on this figure (good luck, since series 2 has already been released) then you better grab it. 

Hope i'm getting the rest of series one coming around...Nite Owl ll, Ozymamdias and Silk Spectre. Not looking forward to the second series as much though with Silk Spectre l and Nite Owl l. But hey, hope you enjoy the pics. alrite? 

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  1. I'm still working through Watchmen, the comic book, but it's surprisingly close to the movie so far! Cool figure =)